March 3, 2019

Some of my favorite shots from two years shooting elite dodgeball events

I’d never heard of serious, organized dodgeball before my friend Eric of Mad City Media asked if I’d be interested in tagging along to shoot an Elite Dodgeball event a few years ago. But you don’t say no to interesting.

What followed were some of my favorite events I’ve ever shot — the sport is full of great people and so much drama on the court. The games are intense, the players are a tight-knight and supportive community, and there’s so much skill and depth worth capturing.

These shots are pulled together from my favorite recent events: the 2018 Elite Dodgeball National Championship, the 2018 UDC Dodgeball Championship (Dodgeball! On trampolines! What’s not to love?!), and the 2019 NCDA National Championship.

It’s a great conversation starter when I talk about what I shoot, but more importantly, another totally new and incredible world opened to me through photography. I’m thankful for that. And go look up Elite or NCDA dodgeball on YouTube!