I'm Eric Gaydos, an independent writer, photographer, and traveler living in Chicago, IL.

I love to learn about the people, places, history, and environment around me. I try to share that here. Here's what I've been up to:

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Stay At Home, Or Very Close

We managed to fit in a short walk while avoiding everyone, and I brought my camera along. The fog from Lake Michigan is one of my favorite parts of living here; today, it blanketed everything in an eerie quiet.

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Haleakalā Summit

Driving 0 to 10,000 feet for a mountaintop sunset and world-class stargazing in an open-topped Jeep.

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Mirador del Valle

A short hike outside Toledo brings us to one of the most epic views in all of Spain for our last full day in the country.

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One Afternoon in Segovia

Roman aqueducts, incredible cuisine, beautiful Spanish architecture, all surrounded by stunning views. All 30 minutes away from Madrid. Segovia feels like cheating.

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A Week Staying in Plaza Mayor

We booked a room 30 seconds after seeing that it was possible. If you can wake up and sip coffee over Plaza Mayor, you do it.

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Waking up in Madrid

Scenes from a morning walk around the center of my favorite city on earth.

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My First Sunrise of 2020

We’re going to Madrid tonight, and I had the brilliant idea of shorting myself on comfortable bed sleep in exchange for bumpy airplane sleep.

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5am Planetarium Visit

The view from the Adler Planetarium is one of my favorite views of Chicago – the kind of thing you picture when you want to sit and think in front of an epic backdrop.

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2019 Air & Water Show

My favorite shots from this year’s rainy Air and Water Show, still one of my favorite days every year to be in Chicago.

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