I was born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh,

with not a lot to do except go exploring. My dad always had a camera in his hand and my brother, Matt, is a successful wedding photographer back home. My mom is an artist, too.

Photography blends the technical and the artistic in a way I've always loved. I try to capture scenes and emotions that will vividly remind me of a specific moment in my life, and when I succeed, nothing makes me happier than sharing them with others.

I moved to Chicago in 2013 and immediately found inspiration in the people, structures, and history of my new city. So, this new home of mine tends to be the basis for much of my work. When I'm lucky enough to see different parts of the world, so will you. I mostly focuses on creating fine art prints of architecture, landscapes, and cityscapes -- but I also love capturing special moments for clients and taking portraits when given the opportunity.

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