Stay At Home, Or Very Close

April 1, 2020

We managed to fit in a short walk while avoiding everyone, and I brought my camera along. The fog from Lake Michigan is one of my favorite parts of living here; today, it blanketed everything in an eerie quiet.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Coronavirus has Chicago (largely) locked down, with anyone who can minimizing their time spent outdoors. We’re allowed to go for walks, but living in Lakeview, it’s been complicated to get a lap around the block while staying responsibly distant from other people.

Today we found a window while there weren’t many people outside. It was strange to feel so free just walking around the same block we’ve lived for five years, but springtime in Chicago is a special thing and the first few 50+ degree days are what makes the entire winter worthwhile. Even if this one wasn’t very sunny.

These photos were taken between 7:15 and 8pm when the neighborhood — and the Addison Red Line station — is usually still very busy.