I'm Eric Gaydos, an independent writer, photographer, and traveler living in Chicago, IL.

I love to learn about the people, places, history, and environment around me. I try to share that here. Here's what I've been up to:

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2019 Detroit Grand Prix

Bumpy roads and bumpy weather made this a pretty memorable outing to Belle Isle. Indy and IMSA action inside.

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Alone in Hong Kong

Exploring for ten days alone in Hong Kong, observing life go by on the other side of the world.

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Some of my favorite shots from two years shooting elite dodgeball events

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The Coldest Day

Thanks to a polar vortex, we hit -21 fahrenheit today; one of the coldest days ever, and legitimately dangerous without proper gear, but I wasn’t going to miss it.

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Un Color Especial

Rooftops and other elevated views of Sevilla with the incredible light of Andalusia in Southern Spain.

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2018 Air & Water Show

It must have been a great year to fly, which made for a great year to stand around in take pictures. F-35, Rob Holland, Leap Frogs & Golden Knights, the USAF Thunderbirds, and more.

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Plane Spotting at O’Hare

Two of my favorite things are photography and aviation, so it’s natural they sometimes meet in a desire to go take pictures of planes. And it’s a relaxing way to pass an hour or so.

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Planes from the Park

My favorite lens is back, which is a great reason for a quick walk outside on a gorgeous summer day.

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The Arizona State Flag

A once in a lifetime sunset from the hills outside Sedona, Arizona

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