One Afternoon in Segovia

January 26, 2020

Roman aqueducts, incredible cuisine, beautiful Spanish architecture, all surrounded by stunning views. All 30 minutes away from Madrid. Segovia feels like cheating.

We only spent a few hours, but they was guided by great friends and fueled by an amazing dinner at Restuarnate José María. There are moments in life where you feel the universe is giving you more than you could pay back. This short trip across a small part of central Spain comes to mind.

Segovia is only about 30 minutes on an AVE from Chamartín, time we spent hurtling along at nearly 200 mph as we traversed foggy rolling hills before arriving at an amazing vista surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Thanks to a girl in our row studying for school with her grandmother, we learned the major rivers of Spain (Rio Júcar took about 10 repetitions so I’ll never forget it).