Chicago from the Clouds

Chicago from the Clouds

(Or: Why They Mean Zero Visibility When They Say Zero Visibility)

233 S Wacker Drive

The best way to see Chicago is to get above Chicago. I decided to move here from the top of the Hancock Center in January of 2013, so it's a nice kind of nostalgia getting to the top of any of our bigger skyscrapers. And there isn't one bigger than the Willis *SEARS* Tower. 

The problem is you have to wait maybe 2 hours to get up there on a nice day. I don't have that kind of patience and I really hate lines. So I waited for a day where the weather wasn't great. Figured it would keep the less ambitious tourists away. Consulted my fancy weather app and saw that the cloud layer was at 3000'. Check!

When I got there, there were indeed zero other people in line. But that's because, as the ticket deck repeatedly told me, there was zero visibility at the top ("no, seriously, zero, and there are no refunds. zero visibility. no refunds.").

Yeah, but there are no tourists getting in the way either. Up we go. Into an immediate wall of blank, bright white. Shit.

After a few minutes, it did clear up enough to look pretty awesome, but not enough that I could get much out of my DSLR. So here's an iPhone gallery! Cloudy dreamscape looks good on Chicago.