Soldier Field B2 Flyover

Soldier Field B2 Flyover

Soldier Field

I love airplanes, and I’ve been inspired by the professionalism and dedication of our military aviators throughout my entire life. Flyovers and airshows are at the top of the list of things guaranteed to make me happy, and for someone like me, a B-2, more commonly known as a Stealth Bomber, is about the coolest thing you can see this side of Area 51. Each of the 20 aircraft represents a stunning engineering achievement and a significant chunk of US military power.

But there’s no way around it: the B-2 is a carefully designed billion dollar machine meant to show up in the middle of the night to drop The Bomb with as little warning as possible —if it does its job, none. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering, but it’s also one of the more likely mechanisms for kicking off a nuclear apocalypse. Watching one appear over your beautiful skyline is menacing, and starkly foreboding of what could be if the world goes very wrong.

Flying one over the stadium at a couple thousand feet is a good way to scare the shit out of anyone less than fluent in military aviation, and a great way to kick off an NFL season for everyone 3 Bud Lights deep into Solder Field (and it’s a better show than the Bears).

It’s the second year I’ve been able to come watch. Here are my favorite shots.