2019 Air & Water Show

August 19, 2019

My favorite shots from this year’s rainy Air and Water Show, still one of my favorite days every year to be in Chicago.

Pouring rain and lightning storms are not, let’s say, the best available weather for an outdoor event next to tall buildings, light poles, and a Great Lake. So we had some sporty moments this weekend when a few 100,000 people had to hunker down or make for limited indoor space with little notice.

However, with a little luck, humid air can make for incredibly dramatic fast jet demos with huge plumes of water vapor easily visible. Most of this weekend was spent enjoying the exploration of that line. “I hope I don’t get struck by lightning, but also, these pictures are going to be awesome.”

As has become my personal tradition I took a PTO day to enjoy the much less busy Friday practice show before the weekend got started, and attended both days of the actual airshow itself.

Saturday was mostly rained out, and the Blue Angels were struggling with maintenance issues all weekend leading to some unique three ship formations (and impressive displays of adapting and carrying on with the mission). But we also had some great blue skies and fluffy clouds at times, too. And the RAF Red Arrows were very rare (in the US) and very special guests from the UK.

Here are my favorite photos from three days along the lakefront in Chicago at the 2019 Air and Water Show.